Market leading 99% plus order accuracy100% of our paper is from a sustainable source. recycled or FSC certified.
We may well live in the computer age, but our research proves that people still love paper. All of Sinclairs’ stationery evolves from testing the market, finding out exactly what your customers’ needs and desires are and designing our products accordingly.

Generations have grown up using our dependable Silvine stationery - from our familiar red exercise books to our unmistakable blue and white marbled-stripe hardback notebooks.

There are over 300 Silvine products fulfilling a huge variety of stationery needs. From A4 refill pads to record cards; from spiral shorthand notebooks to sketch pads; and from scrap books to raffle tickets.

ARTGECKO - Chirpy Sketchbooks for Colourful People

It’s important your colourful skills show as an artist - even if it’s the tiniest of scribbles. Sometimes, you only need the perfect canvas to show that. Our Artgecko sketchbooks are made keeping your arty flair in mind.

Our range of species have their own unique character both inside and out,

and are all FSC certified, and made in Britain with British paper - sized for water based media and perfect for every other technique you can throw at it.

So go wild; scribble away – we know your inner gecko will come to life!

Silvine Originals

The Silvine Originals collection celebrates a true British icon in the world of notebooks.

Don’t worry if you didn’t immediately recognise the name, you’ll remember their iconic look. A bold red cover with a midnight blue wreath logo adorning the front and a conversion table printed on the back. You may also remember the classic notebook, a trusted favourite amongst carpenters, builders, designers, butchers and shopkeepers – often accompanied by a fat red pencil sharpened with a knife.

Hidden in the depths of the Silvine archive, we found samples of these

incredible books from across the years. It was then we decided to pay homage to what these books have stood for over the decades. From the outset, they were engineered to perfectly meet the needs of those who used them, whether that was at school or in a carpenter’s workshop, an artist’s studio or a writer’s bureau.

And so, the Silvine Originals collection was born. Inspired by the bold red books that have adorned the pockets, satchels, drawers and shelves of so many for so long.

A true British icon, reinvented.